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PrayerFlight Board Members Travel to NDP Conference to Spread the Word (October 21, 2007)
On October 19 and 20, 2007, PrayerFlight Board Members Michael Harnishfeger, Clem Schott, Jerry Cress and Kenny Wortman had the privilege of traveling to Colorado Springs, Colorado to speak at the National Day of Prayer Conference and to meet with NDP staff at the Focus on the Family Headquarters.

The trip started on Friday morning with the members meeting at the Bluffton Airport in Ohio and facing a day of constant and strong headwinds, as high as 40+ miles-per-hour. While on route to the Colorado Springs Airport in a Piper Saratoga, our board members had the opportunity to pray over the states along the route, including Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Colorado. After 9 hours of
flight we arrived in Colorado Springs where we heard from Chairperson Shirley Dobson and joined the NDP attendees for an evening of praise, worship and prayer.

On Saturday we enjoyed listening to several conference speakers and attended break-out sessions. For the noon lunch hour we meet personally with Vice Chairman Brian Toon and Marketing Director Becky Armstrong. During this important meeting, the board members were able to share the history of PrayerFlight and more importantly, our plans for the future. This was an important and valuable meeting. We believe that our partnership with NDP will go along way in meeting our goal of "50 Capitals". We will keep our readers advised of this important partnership.

After our noon meeting and several more speakers, Vice President Michael Harnishfeger addressed the conference attendees to share our history and to announce our "50 Capitals" project to a very excited audience. As noted by Michael, for the first time in the history of the National Day of Prayer, while prayer warriors are praying on the ground, PrayerFlight will cover every state capital in prayer from the

If you are interested in joining this effort, please visit our registration page for the "50 Capitals" Project. If you would like further information or would like to request a speaker at your event, please use or request a speaker page.

Stay tuned for updates on this exciting project.
PrayerFlight has named its next major mission "50 Capitals" - a goal of covering every state capital in the United States in flight and in prayer. The mission is set to occur on May 1, 2008 in conjunction with the National Day of Prayer. The board of PrayerFlight believes that this is a natural extension of the work that is already being done by the National Day of Prayer and it is our desire to supplement the excellent work of this national organization. We believe that God has ordained this mission and through the efforts of PrayerFlight and the National Day of Prayer, we will call attention to the great command that the Lord has given - to pray for our nation.

Through this web site, we are asking pilots and prayer warriors around the nation to join us in this great endeavor. By registering to fly this mission, the staff of PrayerFlight will coordinate the efforts of pilots and prayer warriors around the nation to bring this project to completion. Pilots and prayer warriors may register by going to our registration page.
PrayerFlight Names Next Major Mission "50 Capitals" (October 10, 2007)
PrayerFlight Board Members, Michael Harnishfeger, Jerry Cress, Clem Schott and Kenny Wortman will travel to Colorado Springs, Colorado on October 19, 2007 to speak at the National Day of Prayer Conference to introduce our organization and promote the "50 Capitals" project. The board believes that this trip is very important to the "50 Capitals" project as we understand the complexities in organizing such a nationwide effort.
PrayerFlight Board Members Travel to National Day of Prayer Conference (October 10, 2007)
After a week of ugly weather with icing conditions and more importantly - no flight conditions, God provided us with a window of opportunity to do His work and His work we did. On Good Friday, April 6, 2007 one airplane took off from Defiance County to cover the four most northwestern counties, one airplane took off to cover Ashland County while 8 airplanes departed Bluffton Airport to cover every county in the State of Ohio, in other words, Mission Complete.

What a sight to see - airplanes lined up and departing within minutes of each other, all going their separate ways to do God's work. Pilots and Prayer Warriors alike reported great success in their individual assignments. PrayerFlight prayed over small villages and towns, large municipalities, great open areas of scattered homes and even the capitol city of our state, Columbus, Ohio. We prayed over the traveling public as we observed them traveling on our state's byways and interstates. We prayed over schools and municipal buildings and frequently mentioned our elected officials and people of authority. We prayed for the homeless, the helpless and the elderly from one end of our state to the other, from the top to the bottom. To prayed over our military as they serve us and protect us, we prayed for an outpouring of God's Holy Spirit to cover our land.

While some flew and prayed, others stayed on the ground and supported our efforts in the sky as they prayed at the airport. What a wonderful day that God provided and we all sensed an even greater move is coming. On Thursday, April 12 the staff of PrayerFlight will once again begin the planning stages for our next flight and we believe that God has much more planned. We invite you to contact us with any questions and how you can assist us for our future endeavors. We hope that you will join us as we do God's work - it will certainly take the efforts of many folks for this endeavor to grow and expand.
Good Friday PrayerFlight Covers Entire State of Ohio - Mission Complete (April 7, 2007)
On June 19, 2007 PrayerFlight covered the opening night of GPS, an event held in Montpelier, Ohio with international speakers and hundreds of attendees. Our purpose was to lift up the event in prayer while encouraging GPS participants to see and realize that many folks were praying for them and their very important event.

Coordinator, Darla Kruse shared a wonderful vision of PrayerFlight many years ago, culminating in the GPS Event and fly over by our pilot.

On June 22, 2007 the event was covered by 6 airplanes along with Prayer Warriors in a planned flight formation that we call the "Flying Cross". The airplanes flying this event are formed into a cross as an inspiration to those on the ground of God's love for them in that He sent His only begotten Son to die on a cross for their sins. The Cross is a worldwide symbol of Christ's love and sacrifice and to see the Cross in this formate is truly inspirational.

The staff of PrayerFlight requests that you continue to pray for us and our missions as we spread the good news of Jesus Christ. We ask that you also continue to pray for the coordinators of GPS as they share the Gospel and seek Gods favor.
PrayerFlight Covers Global Positioning of the Saints Event - Mission Complete (June 22, 2007)
PrayerFlight has done it! Through the excellent planning stages and by volunteer pilots and Prayer Warriors, we are going to meet our goal of covering the entire State of Ohio in prayer. On April 6, 2007 PrayerFlight will take to the air and cover every county in the state. In fact, chances are, if you look up on Good Friday from noon to 3:00 pm, you may be observing a PrayerFlight mission in progress. If you do, take time from your busy schedule and join us in prayer for your community and this great nation of ours.
PrayerFlight Poised to Meet Goal of Covering Entire State of Ohio (April 4, 2007)
Pilots and Prayer Warriors alike are gearing up for our next flight and the mission is generating alot of excitement and interest. The staff of PrayerFlight sent out approximately 40 press releases before the last week of March, 2007 which has brought great interest in what PrayerFlight is all about. From local newspapers to regional broadcast coverage and even national exposure in USA Today, PrayerFlight is poised to raise awareness about the importance of prayer in our nation. God is getting ready to do a great thing and with your help, participation and prayers - He will Heal our Nation. As the Bible says, nothing is too big for our God and we are not too late, but we must pray. We must take God at His word and obey His command to pray for our nation, pray for our leaders, pray for our people, pray for God's Grace and His Spirit to move in and over our land. God turn our nation, our cities and our counties back to Him. He can make this a great Nation once again; One Nation, Under God, with His blessings and His Protection.

PrayerFlight on Good Friday is just the beginning. Join us, whether on the ground or on one of our PrayerFlight Missions in prayer for our cities and for our nation.
Good Friday PrayerFlight Generates Great Interest (April 3, 2007)
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