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On May 5, 2011 on our National Day of Prayer, PrayerFlight will conduct our "50 Capitals" PrayerFlight for the 4th year in a row. The "50 Capitals" PrayerFlight was first organized and flown in 2008 when approximately 75 pilots from every state in the nation made history through a coordinated effort to pray over every capital city in the United States from private aircraft. We invite you to be part of this important mission and join Christians from across our nation to lift up this great nation to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. To register for "50 Capitals" PrayerFlight as a pilot or prayer warrior click on our registration button.
PrayerFlight Names 2011 "50 Capitals" PrayerFlight
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PrayerFlight Names 2nd Annual "Patriot" PrayerFlight
On Saturday, September 11, 2011, Patriot Day, PrayerFlight will organize and conduct our 2nd Annual "Patriot" PrayerFlight. For sometime the board of PrayerFlight has determined to name two days each year for national PrayerFlights and after careful consideration we have named September 11th of each year as one of our two national PrayerFlights.
With dedication to the men and women who died on 9/11 and in prayerful hope of a greater tomorrow with a return to Christian values in an America where God is truly the God of our nation, we are asking our pilots and prayer warriors to dedicate themselves to these two national PrayerFlights, "50 Capitals" on our National Day of Prayer in May and now "Patriot" PrayerFlight to be held on each September 11th.
As you may know, the "50 Capitals" PrayerFlight has a focus of overflying every state capital city in the nation; the "Patriot" PrayerFlight will have a slightly different focus as we will not require a capital city overflight, but rather an overflight of any city or cities within your state - you choose. The mission will remain the same, to pray for our cities, states and nation.
We are excited about this final national PrayerFlight being named and much more excited about the date that God has directed us to. On September 11, 2001, 4 airplanes flew above our nation intent on changing America with destruction in their plans and wickedness as a motive. We pray that every September 11th from this date on the site of an airplane will have new meaning - hope in prayer to a loving and caring God. We pray that those who fly and those who observe airplanes will recognize that men and women from across this great land have dedicated themselves to pray for our nation - for healing from a righteous God.